MCT200 Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Tester New bw

MCT200 Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Tester New bw
MCT200 Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Tester New bw

MCT200 Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Tester New bw
New Tester MCT200 Thickness Gauge Paint Coating. This compact, handy pocket gauge is designed for non-destructive, fast and precise coating thickness measurement. The principal applications lie in the field of corrosion protection. It is ideal for manufactures and their customers, for offices and specialist advisers, for paint shops and electroplaters, for the chemical, automobile, shipbuilding and aircraft industries and for light and heavy engineering. Magnetic induction & Eddy current. Maximum 10mm for the probe F10. +/-(3%Thickness+1), depends on probes and conditions. 4 digits LCD with EL backlight.

Memory for up to 20 files (up to 50 values for each file) of stored values. Two AA size, 1.5 Volt alkaline batteries. 200 hours typical operating time (EL backlight off).

With different external probes, the gauge can be applied to measuring thickness of non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate, as well as non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate. 5 types of probes (F400, F1, F10, N1, CN02) are available for different application. F10 probe measures up to 10mm.

Two measuring modes: single or continuous, changeable. Two calibration methods can be applied to the gauge, And the system error of the probe can be corrected with the basic probe calibration method. Measured values and user information are shown on a large, easy-to-read LCD.

A display back light ensures easy reading of screen data in poorly-lit conditions. Measuring status indicator showing the measuring status.

The gauges' user-friendly measuring system permits automatic storage of up to 1000 readings in one memory matrix for later statistical evaluation. Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery. Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life.

Optional software to process the memory data on the PC. Compact aluminum case, suitable for use under poor working conditions.

The gauge adopts two thickness-measuring methods: magnetic induction method and eddy current method. Magnetic Induction method. The probe and the magnetic metal substrate will form a closed magnetic circuit when probe contacting with the coating; the magnetic resistance of closed magnetic circuit varies due to the existing of non-magnetic coating. The thickness of the coating can be measured through the variation of magnetic resistance. Eddy current method: The high frequency alternating current generates an electromagnetic field in the probe coil; eddy current will be formed on metal substrate when the probe contacting with the coating, and the eddy current has an effect of feedback on the coil in probe.

The thickness of the coating can be calculated through measuring the effect of feedback. The range of applications is indicated by the probes available.

-F probes work on the magnetic induction principle and should be used for non-magnetic coatings such as aluminum, chrome, copper, zinc, paint and varnish, enamel, rubber etc. On an iron or steel substrate; they are also suitable for alloyed and hardened magnetic steel. - N probes work on the eddy-current principle and should be used for insulating coatings on all non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steels, e. Paint, anodizing coatings, ceramics, etc. Applied on aluminum, copper, zinc die-casting, brass, etc.

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MCT200 Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Tester New bw